Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fetish #27: the Women of Hentai

Where you ever the kind of young adolescent who in his or her fantasies had a certain... ahem... dare I admit it? Sexual attraction to a cartoon character? Yeah, well, that was me. In fact, still is me. Thinking back on it, I believe everything started with a cartoon that appeared on American TV in the 1970s. It's name: Josie and the Pussy Cats. The animation quality and story lines were crap. So much so, that I look back on it now as a middle aged adult and feel utter embrassment. But at the time, the catsuits... oh, the catsuits. *g*

Well, I never quite outgrew my appreciation for cartoons as a source of kinky fantasy. And the eroticism of Japanese hentai comics and animation is far more imagininative, explicit and rife with fetishes than those tame Pussy Cats. 

Anyhow, I wanted to recommend a three Flash computer games for people who enjoy getting their kicks from hentai. Each of them allow you to develop hentai sex slaves. 

My favorite game is Slave Maker 3. The development blog is here. The game concept is that your are a professional slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. Your job is to convert an untrained slave into a willing and skilled sex slave. A great plus is that you're likely to see great pictures of some favorite characters from Japanese anime being enslaved and trained to be specialized courtesans. Train them to be a cumslut, catgirl, dickgirl, fighter, ponygirl, or high class courtesan. Or maybe convert them to be a lesbian. Pay attention to your finances, buy and sell equipment. Carouse with furries and fairies. Avoid being raped by sexually voracious tentacle monsters. The choice is yours and there are tradeoffs you need to balance. Most slaves also have distinct goals and side quests. This makes gameplay fun, fresh and arousing.  

I also have fun with a game called SimBrothel. A development board is here and it seems new versions might be released soon. This game tries to simulate running a Japanese brothel. The goal is to upgrade your housing, keep your women healthy and increase their prestige and skills. However, there isn't much variation in how you train your women. You can buy characters from well known anime series - which is fun, but the eroticism of the game play isn't particularly high since the focus is on buying and selling. There really aren't many fetish elements to this game.

My final recommendation is for Otherworld, which you can download from the development blog, here. This is set in a science fiction fantasy realm set at the edge of a transdimensional pit. In a way it's a cross between SimBrothel and Slave Maker 3. It can feel as if you are running a brothel, but like Slave Maker, the real point is to train up the individual skills of your slaves and explore your world. There are some new fetishes that are not present in any other game. (Personally, I enjoy the possibility of dehuminizing my slavegirls, training them to be cows and then selling their milk for profit). Plus, there are a series of side quests that win you bonuses and equipment. It's a tough game and many elements aren't complete, but I like a challenge.