Monday, February 14, 2011

How Online Porn Affects Us

I came across a triptych of pieces in New York about internet porn. Start with “The Explosion of Free Online Porn” and move on to “How Porn Is Affecting the Libido” and  “They Know What Boys Want.”

These are great articles and they should make you think. As a 41 year old man, I can say that the internet and easy access to porn happened when I was already in my early twenties. So my early formative years were not influenced by an expectation that the ideal woman had a boob job and should behave like a porn star in bed. On the plus side, I think this has made me much more mature and realistic about relationships. But I do find myself in a quandry. I do enjoy my porn and personally I don't think it is robbing me of interest in actual sex. But clearly there is an impact on younger people that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. I am not trying to be moralistic here. I just worry about people's ability to form healthy relationships if their main model for sexual relations comes from unrealistic adult pictures and videos.

Anyhow, I'm still processing the message of these articles. Perhaps I will be able to write a more thoughtful response later.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fetish #27: the Women of Hentai

Where you ever the kind of young adolescent who in his or her fantasies had a certain... ahem... dare I admit it? Sexual attraction to a cartoon character? Yeah, well, that was me. In fact, still is me. Thinking back on it, I believe everything started with a cartoon that appeared on American TV in the 1970s. It's name: Josie and the Pussy Cats. The animation quality and story lines were crap. So much so, that I look back on it now as a middle aged adult and feel utter embrassment. But at the time, the catsuits... oh, the catsuits. *g*

Well, I never quite outgrew my appreciation for cartoons as a source of kinky fantasy. And the eroticism of Japanese hentai comics and animation is far more imagininative, explicit and rife with fetishes than those tame Pussy Cats. 

Anyhow, I wanted to recommend a three Flash computer games for people who enjoy getting their kicks from hentai. Each of them allow you to develop hentai sex slaves. 

My favorite game is Slave Maker 3. The development blog is here. The game concept is that your are a professional slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. Your job is to convert an untrained slave into a willing and skilled sex slave. A great plus is that you're likely to see great pictures of some favorite characters from Japanese anime being enslaved and trained to be specialized courtesans. Train them to be a cumslut, catgirl, dickgirl, fighter, ponygirl, or high class courtesan. Or maybe convert them to be a lesbian. Pay attention to your finances, buy and sell equipment. Carouse with furries and fairies. Avoid being raped by sexually voracious tentacle monsters. The choice is yours and there are tradeoffs you need to balance. Most slaves also have distinct goals and side quests. This makes gameplay fun, fresh and arousing.  

I also have fun with a game called SimBrothel. A development board is here and it seems new versions might be released soon. This game tries to simulate running a Japanese brothel. The goal is to upgrade your housing, keep your women healthy and increase their prestige and skills. However, there isn't much variation in how you train your women. You can buy characters from well known anime series - which is fun, but the eroticism of the game play isn't particularly high since the focus is on buying and selling. There really aren't many fetish elements to this game.

My final recommendation is for Otherworld, which you can download from the development blog, here. This is set in a science fiction fantasy realm set at the edge of a transdimensional pit. In a way it's a cross between SimBrothel and Slave Maker 3. It can feel as if you are running a brothel, but like Slave Maker, the real point is to train up the individual skills of your slaves and explore your world. There are some new fetishes that are not present in any other game. (Personally, I enjoy the possibility of dehuminizing my slavegirls, training them to be cows and then selling their milk for profit). Plus, there are a series of side quests that win you bonuses and equipment. It's a tough game and many elements aren't complete, but I like a challenge.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Art of Ferres

I came across Kendrick Lim and his art gets two thumbs up from me. As it happens, most of his art isn't really fetish themed - but this particular piece (click any picture below to get a full size image) is a sexy fusion of sci-fi and BDSM.

The above picture also definitely reminds me of the adult comic artist Ferres. An image of hobbled women being pulled along by leads attached to what I assume are rings piercing the labia or clitoral hood is something straight out of Ferres' twisted playbook.

It can be easy to criticise Ferres on several levels. The women of his adult comics all have a similar look and body measurements, so the monotony might taint your arousal with a nagging feeling of increasing boredom. The effect is not dissimular from looking at a series of Playboy centerfolds: they eventually all start to look identical and devoid of any personality. That said, as long as you actually prefer interchangeable curvy subs with gravity defying big breasts, then you're going to be in absolute heaven. More pics after the break.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Personal Obsession: Chloé des Lysses turned me on to a French fetish model named Chloé des Lysses (aka Nathalie Boet). Now I'm seriously in lust. How can I not fall for such a long legged beauty? This woman is the personification of an almost impossible ideal: she's gorgeous, she wears impeccable heels, and Chloé manages to make anal sex look glamorous. Trifecta!

I can say this for her pictorials: they have taught me an important secret about about high fashion models. Apparently even smut can be glamorous as long as you can seem elegantly relaxed and even a bit detached from what is happening around you. Only have eyes for the camera and completely ignore whatever semen might be dripping off your face or the fact that something is being stuck in your ass. Who knew the secret was so simple?

More pictures after the break...

The Art of Victor Sanchez

I came across some illustrations by Victor Sanchez. The book is "Le Maitre des Plaisirs" by Miriam Blaylock. I haven't read the book myself, but the images by themselves evoke entire storylines. I appreciate how the women are not over idealized Playboy bunnies. Once again, I am charmed by the eroticism of simple black and white drawings.
More pictures after the break...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts: My kind of Dom

So what kind of a Dom am I? I recently had reason to think about this and decided to put pen to paper (so to speak). Largely because I think I must be a very unusual sort.

Photo by
My own excitement comes primarily from an enjoyment of the visual aesthetic of bondage. I get a thrill from complex, creative bondage positions. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I'm probably less interested in having a sub and more interested in simply having a co-operative bottom. I'm not particularly turned on by the idea of a 24/7 power exchange. I really don't need the ego validation that comes from controlling another person. Although, I will play that game if my partner is into it. But I really just want my partner's cooperation.

My personal philosophy is that bondage is like ballroom dance. It's not about control, as much as good partnership. Even if the man leads, the woman has got to agree to each move in order for something amazing to result. I do have a long list of turn-ons like high heels, boots, thigh high stockings, corsets, latex, leather, collars, leashes, etc. So maybe I should think of myself as an insane theater director. However, the way I see it, the creative control I demand is really all about putting on a great show and bringing a smile to a partner.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Original Story: The Bathrobe

By C.M.Tyssen 2009

When my bratty young submissive Pauline opened the door for me, I was all business. No smiles. No pleasantries. I just slowly reached out and grabbed her by the throat with one hand. Advancing slowly into the room (I didn’t want the girl to trip after all), my grip forced her back into a wall. I wanted to signal that I intended this night’s session to be a little more strict and intense than usual. So I gave her throat a slight but perceptible squeeze. And I watched her brown eyes widened with surprise and a little confusion.

Photo by Minon Minon
But as they use to say in the Army: no plan survives first contact with the enemy. I had originally envisioned and planned for something very specific this evening. So I had even called ahead and told Pauline what I wanted ready by the time I got there. But as usual she had ideas of her own. Like I said: she’s a brat.

So the moment I burst through the door I took in two things. First: Pauline had followed my instructions about neatly laying out all our toys and shackles. But second: she was not wearing the outfit I had laid out for her last time. Instead she seemed to be wearing nothing except a belted, terry cloth bathrobe.

I should have known this would happen. This was part of our usual game. I enjoy thinking creatively on my feet and Pauline likes giving me excuses to punish her.
“Pauline, dear, didn’t I tell you to meet me wearing your leather waist cincher and your sexy black ‘fuck-me’ heels?”

“Sorry, Sir. But I was shaving and I only just got out of the shower. I didn’t have time...” She gave a hopeful, lopsided half-smile.

“Seriously, were you trying to displease me on purpose? I mean, does a person wear a bathrobe because it’s sexy or because it’s comfortable?”
“Because it’s comfortable, Sir,” she admitted.

It took me a moment to consider how I should react. “Well, let’s see if we can associate bathrobes with something else besides comfort.” And with that I grabbed a handful of Pauline’s long black hair close to the nape of her neck. I pulled her away from the wall and into a standing position.

I re-wrapped her bathrobe tightly around her body. I then reversed the belt and tied a knot at the small of her back. Pauline’s wrists were then crossed behind her back and tied together with the loose ends of the same belt. And finally, in order to better immobilize her arms, I pulled her robe off her shoulders and pushed the soft folds down until they were bunched tightly just under her breasts. Since her arms were still in the sleeves, this actually caused her elbows to be pinned to the sides of her body.

I stood back to admire my handy work. Her bathrobe was now an ersatz straight jacket that completely immobilized her arms and cupped her breasts in a way that just made me want to hang some nipple clamps on them. (Lucky for her, a set was not within easy reach.)
“You understand why I’m going to have to punish you, don’t you?”
“Yes, Sir. Because I wasn’t dressed for you.”
“Exactly right. But it seems that merely spanking you hasn’t done anything to improve your discipline. We need to try something new. Get down on your knees.”